Nalanda and Wisdom Park

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The Nalanda Legacy

Nalanda Buddhist Society was named after the famous Nālandā Māhavihāra of ancient India - the world’s first ‘university’ built in the 5th Century CE. For nearly seven centuries, it attracted thousands of scholars from across Asia to study medicine, philosophy and religion at its illustrious faculties.

‘Nalanda’ means the ‘giving of knowledge and wisdom’. Thus, it is apt that Nalanda Buddhist Society is today acknowledged as a leading Buddhist educational institution in Malaysia.

Since our establishment in 2003, Nalanda Buddhist Society has been organising many courses, seminars, conferences, youth camps and retreats throughout the country, benefitting more than 17,000 people to date. Nalanda’s community-based programmes are free of charge, in line with our charitable mission.

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Developing competent Dhamma teachers to educate children, youth and adult communities is essential for the growth of Malaysian Buddhism in the long-run. This effort must be supplemented by the training of dynamic leaders to lead and manage Buddhist organisations effectively. Thus, the objective of Wisdom Park is to make available facilities and programmes to :

  1. Educate and train competent lay Dhamma teachers;
  2. Develop future Buddhist community leaders; and
  3. Propagate Buddhist values, culture and practices to the public.

Wisdom Park Development Committee

The Wisdom Park Development Committee (WPDC) comprises 20 members - 7 Nalanda Buddhist Society members as well as 13 other professionals and representatives of the Buddhist community. Since its establishment in October 2015, WPDC has been meeting monthly to plan and implement decisions on the development of Wisdom Park.