Wisdom Park Facilities

Integrated holistic facility

Wisdom Park is set amidst spacious grounds with lush greenery and simple architecture that is conducive for the Buddhist community to come together for bonding, Dhamma learning, and spiritual cultivation.  Its facilities will be used for various aspects of personal and community development including Dhamma activities and training programmes.

The completed first phase of Wisdom Park consists of 3 guest lodges, a management centre, several parks and pavilions, as well as infrastructural works such as access roads, water and electricity supply lines, car parks, activity areas, and progressive landscaping.

The great Buddhist heritage of Asia

Buddhism has very deep roots in Asia, and its influence permeates to the arts, culture, philosophies, traditions, and architecture of Asian people. The design of Wisdom Park will draw upon this strong artistic heritage, for example in the use of baked bricks as found at the famous Nālandā Māhavihāra of ancient India.

We also draw inspiration from local Southeast Asian and Malayan design elements, such as for the roofs, verandahs, and pavilions. The result we hope is a synthesis of beauty, elegance, and modern functionality, guided by the Buddhist philosophy of modesty and simplicity.