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February 15, 2024

Hosting Ven. Chuan Wen and buddhist leaders at Wisdom Park

On Sunday 21 January, we welcomed Ven. Chuan Wen 传闻法师, abbess of Hoeh Beng Buddhist Temple 鹤鸣禅寺 and leaders from Chempaka Buddhist Lodge 千百家佛教居士林 to Wisdom Park. The group toured the campus and rejoiced in its peaceful environment which is conducive for Dhamma learning and spiritual cultivation. We thank Ven. Chuan Wen for leading this visit and all the leaders for this fruitful exchange. May your propagation of the Buddha’s teachings bring much benefits to the Buddhist community.
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February 1, 2024

Hosting Ajahn Dhammasiha at Wisdom Park

On Saturday 20 January, we joyfully welcomed Ajahn Dhammasīha, Abbot of Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage, in Brisbane, Australia to Wisdom Park. In this short visit on his transit from Thailand, Ajahn toured the educational campus with members, who shared the Park’s objectives and Dhamma programmes hosted here. We are grateful to Ajahn Dhammasīha for coming to visit us again and for his kind blessings for the smooth operations of Wisdom Park. May Ajahn have good health and all the right supporting conditions for his noble endeavours.
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January 25, 2024

d’CRADLE management retreat at Wisdom Park

From 20 to 21 January, Wisdom Park hosted d’CRADLE – Centre for Research and Dhamma Leadership Enhancement – for their 2024 Management Retreat. This campus built by the Buddhist community for the Buddhist community welcomed its first guest organisation to conduct their training programme within its serene grounds. We rejoice in their spirited programme and wish them every success in their Dhammaduta work. Sadhu anumodāna!
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January 15, 2024

Cultivating mindfulness with Luang Por Kalyano

Last weekend, from 12 to 14 January 2024, over 95 participants and volunteers gathered to learn and cultivate mindfulness in a meditation retreat led by Luang Por Kalyano, Abbot of Buddha Bodhivana Monastery, Australia. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Luang Por Kalyano, the Organising Committee, volunteers and participants for your support in making this retreat an inspiring and encouraging learning experience for all. May all of us continue in our daily practice of honing our mindfulness as we progress on our spiritual path. Sadhu anumodana.
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December 28, 2023

Meditation retreat led by Luang Por Viradhammo

Over the last holiday weekend, from 22 to 26 December, over 80 participants and volunteers gathered at Wisdom Park for the Meditation Retreat led by Luang Por Viradhammo, jointly organised with Dhamma Connect. We are grateful to Luang Por, the Organising Committee, participants and volunteers for making this retreat so fruitful and enriching. May Luang Por be blessed with good health and success in his Dhamma propagation work as well as in his spiritual journey. Sadhu anumodana.
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