Phase 1  Development

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The first phase of Wisdom Park comprises 3 stages :

  1. Phase 1A - 2-storey Guest Lodge 01 and ancilliary work
  2. Phase 1B - 2-storey Guest Lodge 03 and Guest Lodge 04
  3. Phase 1C - 2-storey Administrative Centre 02 and ancilliary work

It will also include infrastructural work such as the main access road, perimeter fencing, water and electricity supply lines, car parks, activity areas, and progressive landscaping.

Phase 1 development lies in the ‘heart’ of Wisdom Park. It will form the hub for most activities to be held on the campus. The four buildings under this phase will be able to cater for training needs and educational programmes until 2023.

Commencement of construction : January 2018 | Targeted completion : May 2020

Duration of construction for Phase 1 : 28 months (2 years and 4 months)

Architect’s impressions of the first building to be built at Wisdom Park.

Phase 1A - Guest Lodge 01

The first building at Wisdom Park serves three important functions :

  1. A facility for Dhamma activities and training programmes;
  2. Accommodation for short stays to medium-term lodging; and
  3. A conducive environment surrounded by greenery for the Buddhist community to come together for bonding, Dhamma learning, and spiritual cultivation.

As such, the building will have a multi-purpose hall for 200 practitioners, kitchen and dining facilities,
8 bedrooms/dormitories of various capacities, washrooms, storage rooms, and courtyards for outdoor activities.

Target building commencement : January 2018 | Target completion : December 2018.

Cost of Phase 1A

The first building is expected to cost RM4.5 million. The accompanying infrastructures such as the access road, water and electricity supply lines, carpark, perimeter fencing, etc., are expected to cost another RM3.7 million.

Estimated cost of Phase 1A : RM8.2 million
Greening & landscaping cost : Additional RM0.36 million